School Management Software

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School Management Software and Information Management System

School Management System

School Management System

Manage multiple schools from same account. Create academic year with terms and semesters. Create grades with classes and subjects. Manage students and teachers profiles. Build and manage schedules. Organize online meetings through virtual classrooms.

Student Information System

Student Information System

Record all students information and link students to their schools, grades, and classes. Manages students attendance. Manage students assignments, and generate grading reports and many more features in the student information system and student management system

School LMS

School LMS

Upload course content and avail it to the students to download from their portal. Structure the course curriculum with unites and lessons and upload the lessons attachments and media. Improve communications through messaging and collaboration in this school LMS

School Management Software

Virtual Classrooms

Meet your students online and benefit from the ultimate virtual classrooms features that EduHappy provides part of the school management software

School ERP

Manage school fees, financial, human resources, payroll, expenses, and transportation through the school ERP system that EduHappy provides part of the platform

School ERP
Education Platform

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With EduHappy education platform, we provide the best value to your school. We have integrated School Management System SMS, School Learning Management System School LMS, Student Information System SIS, School ERP and Virtual Classrooms for Online Meetings in one coherent educational software platform. In conclusion, Educational institutions are now no longer distracted with too many fragmented platforms.

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School Management Software Review 1

“very complete software. Very good tool for the administration and distribution of tasks for the students as well as it allows the interaction with student groups”


School Management Software Review 2

“I was amazed by their quick response. They treat you individually & it feels too good and special. I am very happy that I know an organization in this world that not do only business but also give you respect.”


School Management Software Review 3

“Excellent School Management System. Overall the best product, love the User Interfaces and detailed functionality.”


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Online learning and online education along with all you need for day to day operations are now integrated in one coherent platform – EduHappy

EduHappy provides the educational institution with school SMS, student information system, school ERP, virtual classrooms, and school LMS in one place for academics and financials.

EduHappy is your one stop-destination for finding the best school management software because we provide software for school management to easily manage and access student information, schedules, staff payments, HR and more. So we have the best management software for schools designed to make everything efficient. As a result, you can easily manage day-to-day functions with the right school software. We also designed our school management system to make things easier for the students, teachers, and everyone involved.

Our school management software is designed to provide an easy solution for school management because it is safe and secured while it can easily meet your requirements. The software is specifically designed to provide an easy school management system. You can save a lot of time and effort by using the right management software for schools. From scheduling classes, to assignments to assessments and everything in between, you can ensure smooth running of your school management.

Efficient Learning Environment

We strive to provide the best solution you need to stay efficient without the added cost. Moreover, our software for school management has been designed by the best team who have expertise in developing school management software. Therefore, you can rely on our services to get the best solution for your school management needs. Most importantly, it is fully automated and that makes it easy to use and manage. So you don’t have to waste too much time. It is a platform that brings everyone together in one platform so that everyone can stay up-to-date with the latest development.

Use our easy to use, highly efficient, and cost-effective school management software to easily manage your activities and responsibilities.

School management system has proved to be an effective way of storing information on all the activities. Schools have so many activities going on in a day from classes to activities to sports. Keeping record of things is not an easy task. The Student management system is an effective tool that can help schools stay organized and efficient in an easy way.

Student information system is a software that keeps important information like student records, attendance, fees, assignments, reports and other information in one place. Above all, this makes it easy for the schools to store, manage and retrieve information when they need it. Therefore, the student management system is considered as an effective tool.

Effective for Educational Institution

School information management system like EduHappy is designed to help schools effectively manage their information and stay organized. In addition, our software is designed to save time and effort and help schools work efficiently. Therefore, you can easily use the school information management system to store student information as well as the teacher’s and staff information in one place. Similarly, parents can access important information easily and get notified about the important events. Effective communication is the key and that is what our software offers. In other words, our software has been designed to meet the specific needs of the schools. In addition, It is an easy to use tool that can save time, effort and money. Above all, hundreds of schools across the world are now using the SMS to organize, access and manage information easily.