School Learning Management System LMS


Many Features in one Platform for School LMS and School Information Management System

School Management System

Construct the school from scratch with school profile, Grades and Classes, Courses under each grade and a lot more.

Schedule Management System

Fully automated. Just select the courses and teachers for each class within specific sessions and you are done. Students will be provided their timetable in their portal views and teachers will also have their schedules.

Student Management System

Enroll students with detailed profiles. Assign the students to specific school, grade, and class. Manage student record and transfer him/her to another class or even school.

Teacher Management System

You will be able to assign same teacher to multiple schools. The system will give you the capability to build Teacher Authority matrix

Assignment Management System

Whether the classroom teacher would like to select from standard assignments or create a one of his/her own, the system is flexible to give this option to the teacher. Once the assignment created, the teacher will be able to…

Attendance Management System

Taking attendance has never been easier. All what the teachers need is just one click on the attendance button and the system will automatically search the teacher’s schedule on what exactly the session that he/she is teaching now…

Automated Grading System

With our system, the complicated grading processes are automated and the grading report will be automatically generated for each student hassle free and transparent to the teachers and the school administrators.

Messaging and Communication

Provided to all users in the system whether school administration, classroom teachers, or students. This improves the way people communicate through the system and speeds up the learning process.

Students Portal

Get rid of papers, heavy books, and paper based grading report and just get connected. Students now will be able to see their courses, course content, download e-books, check the course curriculum, review their lessons online, download any media files associated with the lesson and watch them online and a lot more

Scorm Online Quiz

Would you like your students to be automatically graded for an exam? You’ve got it. With our Scorm Compliant Online Quiz system, you can just upload the Scorm file, define the dates, number of attempts as well as the quiz duration and the system will take care of the rest

Upload course Content

Your authorized teachers will be provided with the tools to upload the course e-books, divide the course into unites, create lessons under each unit, and upload and manage all lesson’s files such as word documents, PDF documents, and audio or video media files.

Year End Procedures

Just create the final report for the students and then choose to promote students to the upper grade.

EduHappy - School LMS

Learning process never been easier
Automated and Integrated Management System

Enterprise - Connect all your schools with different geographies in one system
Integrated – Link all your processes from multiple modules
Coherent – With focus on Education and Learning process
Flexible – Can be customized to fit your school’s approach
Affordable – Cost-Effective solution with latest technologies
Cloud-based – No Hardware cost, No Licenses Cost, No Infrastructure Cost – All on the Cloud
Web Based – Connect from anywhere
Fast – Get your schools up and running in no time
Designed for People: With all the required tools for school administration and Teachers along with student portal

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EduHappy LMS

Designed For people
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School Management
Manage Schools, Grades, Classes, Courses, Groups, Divisions, Subjects, Elective Courses, Students, Teachers, School Years, Terms, Semesters, Holidays, Days-off. Schedules, Promote Students,…
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Learning Management
Upload course e-books, structure course units, manage course lessons, manage assignments categories, manage assignments and grading, manage attendance,…
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Student and Parent Portal
Using Student and Parent Portal, students can check their assignments, attendance report, download content, check the grading report card, schedule, communicate with teachers,…
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Student and Parent Portal
Using Student and Parent Portal, parents can check their children’s progress via the grading reports, attendance reports, and they can check and print assignments and download content…

How EduHappy LMS can help you

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive interface
EduHappy provides tools and resources to help school administration and teachers manage grades, students and classrooms.

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