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Paperless Environment
Are you ready to become paperless and Go-Online?

Most schools across the globe do

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Digitalize your school
Parents are looking for schools that are competent when it comes to technology

Your school can be one of those

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Great Value
Efficient. Productive. Cost-effective.

Save cost, increase profitability, and maximize ROI

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Streamline Learning

Upload the course content once and for all. Students can easily download their coursework online and start learning anywhere anytime.
Create assignments and let your students submit their responses then teacher can grade them once received the response and reflect the grading immediately into the grading system

Student Information System

Classwork made easy

Build conflict-free schedule and automatically generate links to virtual classrooms online meetings for the current running session.
Use our innovative one-click attendance system to quickly and swiftly take students’ attendance and reflect the grading immediately into the grading system

School LMS

Grading on the fly

Generate grading reports automatically without doing any math – hassle free – No human intervention.
Organize your academic years with terms and semesters with the support of students’ promotion from grade to grade and keep all historical data.
Connect everyone through Messaging and Collaboration

Are you wasting hours organizing your school with minimal results?

Separate views for everyone

We are driven by values

EduHappy flexible and highly customizable system fits in the school real needs, academics as well as operations and serves various educational stages, from primary schools to universities and institutes. The enterprise system is able to cover multiple schools, or a group of schools within different geographies, and with varying school curriculums.

It’s not necessary to invest in any local hardware or storage capabilities. There’s no need for operational expenditure as there is no maintenance. Everything will be done server-side all along on the cloud. No implementation or waiting time is required.

Best Student Information System Award

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EduHappy provides the educational institution with school SMS, student information system, school ERP, virtual classrooms, and school LMS in one place for academics and school operations.

Our school management software is designed to provide an easy solution for school management. From scheduling classes, to assignments to assessments and everything in between, you can ensure smooth running of your school management.