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Year End Procedures

Year End Procedures

Year End Procedures is one of the important features in EduHappy School Management System.

Year End Procedures

The year-end procedures are the tasks that you need to do at the end of every school year.

It covers preparation of the final grading as well as student promotions. In the same time, you will be able to distribute students and assign them to their new classes.

Once the year finished, you need to produce the final grading for each student in the school.

You need to decide if this student is qualified for promotion to the next grade or will remain in the current one. This is based on the passing criteria that are already preset for each grade.

In order to do that, the system provides you with all the required tools to help you produce the final grading report.

The final report will show you the qualified students for promotion. It will also include students who have to remain without promotion.

The system will also provide you with the tools necessary to actually promote the students after you review the final reports.

Once the promotion process is done, the students can access the final grading report via the student portal.

The students will also be able to retrieve their grading reports related to previous school year.

After promotion you will be able to deploy the students to their new classes seamlessly with easy and straightforward steps.

You can also check the reports for the students in previous years. You can get reports with all the grading details. Courses grades, exam semester grades, all assignment categories as well as the attendance grades are included.

Once done, the student can login into the portal and can access new grade course content, lessons, assignments and other stuff related to the new grade.