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Create and upload Course Content

Course Content includes course e-books, the structuring the course into units, the lessons under each course unit, the assignment category which is responsible for classifying the assignments into, for example, home work, class work, quizzes, and so on. It also covers the standard assignment and we have already discussed what they are and what the difference between the standard and non-standard assignments is. Also, note that course content covers only standard assignments. Non-standard assignments are the responsibility of the class teacher, not the content teacher.

Your authorized teachers will be provided with the tools to upload the course content e-books, divide the course into unites, create lessons under each unit, and upload and manage all lesson’s files such as word documents, PDF documents, and audio or video media files.

Course Content

The teacher will also be able create assignment categories where you can combine all the assignments of the same type under the same category.

For instance, all homework assignments under HW category, all Class Assignments under Class Work category, all quizzes under Quiz Category, and so on.

Each Category will be having a grade weight that contributes to the total Grading points of the course.

While uploading the content, the system is providing the capabilities to create standard assignments that do not differ from class-teacher to another.

The class-teacher will be then able to select from the standard assignments pool and assign them to the students and grade them accordingly.