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Transport Management

Transport Management covers the vehicle and buses that belong to the school and travels through predefined routes carrying the students from and to their schools.

Transport Management

So to start with, the admin has to register the vehicles under each school. To register the vehicle, you need to create a vehicle profile with the vehicle name, registration number and date and some other details to fully describe the vehicle. You can also edit any existing vehicle by selecting the vehicle from the list and modify its details.

After vehicle registration you can start managing routes by adding a route and associate it with a vehicle under the school. While adding the vehicle route you need to specify the debit and credit accounts. These accounts will be used by the system to post the transport fees payments to the general journal so that it keeps accurate financial accounting accuracy.

Now once all in place you can start entering the transport fees details per route. Transport Fees amount needs to be specified for each route in order for the system to realize the transport fees due for each student if that student subscribed to the transport services. Admin will need to specify the student route in the student profile in order collect transport fees from that student.

Transport Management is a great tool for the schools that provide the transport services for their students since it automates the transport fees collection and integrates with the financial accounting system to keep accurate financial books through the double-entry booking system in the journal.

While it represents one of the important features in the school ERP, Transport Management also important to track the students transport from and to their homes.