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Teacher Management

Manage teachers and their authorities

The system will give you the capability to create Teacher record through teacher management and manage teacher profile and related authorities.

Teacher Management

Teacher Management

You will be able to assign same teacher to multiple schools.

Authority matrix that will manage the teacher access to specific grades, classes, and courses.

Uploading course content will have different authority matrix than the class teacher authority matrix.

Yet, you still can assign class-teacher to also upload course content.

Teacher Management System will provide you with what you need to create new teachers profiles or to edit the information related to any created teacher profiles.

You will also be provided with all tools that will help you create the teacher authority matrix.

The system differentiates between two types of authority matrices; Class Authority and Content Authority.

Teacher Class Authority is the list of grades, classes, and courses assigned to the teacher. The teacher takes actions based on this class authority matrix. Teacher can take attendance, create, give and grade assignments. Teacher can grade exam semesters for the students who belong to that course, group, and class in the class authority. In other words, it is the authority that admin gives to the teachers to manage their students’ day to day operations under the assigned courses, groups, and classes.

Teacher Content Authority is the list of courses for which the teacher is authorized to create and upload content. Content can be e-Books, Units, Lessons, Assignment Categories, Standard Assignments and any attached document or media files. The admin creates the Content Authority matrix and assigns the teacher to a grade and a course under this grade. Teachers will be able to upload the content based on that authority.

You will also be provided with the reports to view all the details regarding the teachers’ authorities per course on the grade level.