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Teacher Authority Matrix

Teacher Authority Matrix feature builds teacher’s authority to manage learning activities for specific courses in specific grades in specific classrooms.

teacher authority matrix

The system differentiates between two types of authority matrices; Class Authority and Content Authority.

By teacher Class Authority we mean the list of grades, classes, and courses that the teacher has the authority to take specific actions. Class Authority matrix is created by assigning the teacher to a grade, a class, a course and/or a group in order to take actions such as taking attendance, creating assignments, giving assignments, grading assignments and grading exam semesters for the students who belong to that course, group, and class. In other words, it is the authority given to the teachers to manage their students’ day to day operations under the assigned courses, groups, and classes.

By teacher Content Authority we mean the list of courses for which the teacher is authorized to create and upload content such as e-Books, Units, Lessons, Assignment Categories, and Standard Assignments. Content Authority matrix is created by assigning the teacher to a grade and a course under this grade.

You will also be provided with the reports to view all the details regarding the teachers’ authorities per course on the grade level.

Once the admins create the teachers through Add Employee in the Human Resources system, the admins can then build the teacher authority matrix using “Assign Grade”, “Assign Classroom”, “Assign Course”, and “Assign Content” tools provided under the teachers menu in the admin interface.

When the admin builds the teacher authority it will be rendered in each teacher’s page when she/he logins into the teacher module. The two matrices will be always there for each teacher in order to facilitate access to the class or content on which the teacher will need to take actions.

By Teacher Authority Matrix, the system can always maintain the ultimate level of security and authority among all teachers on the class and content levels.