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How COVID has Affected Students’ Life Across the Globe

Students LMS

Students LMS: COVID had affected the world in a way that no one could have imagined. It wreaked havoc on the economy, took away millions life and its still counting, People cannot go out and that has also affected them in many ways. There isn’t anything that hasn’t been affected by COVID and students are some of the worst sufferers.

Schools and colleges across the world remained closed in 2020 and in 2021 the situation hasn’t changed much. Naturally, it has disrupted the lives of students, especially when it comes to their progress and future planning. Discontinuation of classroom studies have impacted learning quality and has made things stressful for them. Fortunately, the technology has allowed some respite to them in the form of virtual classroom.

The impact of global pandemic of COVID in student is huge and it has changed their lives in many ways. How? Here are the ways COVID has changed students’ life:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities Were Shutdown Completely

The immediate impact of COVID was shutting down of all schools, colleges and universities across the globe. Some countries did it partially, but eventually everyone shutdown completely at some time. This sudden move impacted the continuation of the classroom studies that students are so used to.

This impacted the way students learned things in their day to day student life. When they are in schools, students are focused on studying as the environment creates that mood. When they prepare to go to school, they know for a few hours, they have to study and keep up with the coursework. They followed the timetable and were in that zone.

With COVID situation, students’ life was disrupted, their routine discontinued and they had to suffer because of the discontinuation of the routine.

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  • Year Long Holiday Did no Good to the Students

In 2020, schools and universities remained closed for the most part of the year. No doubt, students love the break between semesters and terms. But when you have excess of anything, it gets boring. The pandemic started early in the year and by March-April, it was in full swing. For the rest of the year, students were cooped up in their home. This year long holiday or break didn’t make them happy.

For students who were about to start their career or at least take a step closer to their goal were left disappointed. Final year students had the worst of it. Students look forward to summer breaks, but a year long break was just quarantine. This impacted their studies, their mental abilities to study away from schools and quality of education. Not every home is well-equipped for home studies.

The mental pressure and stress of remaining at home are some of the things that students had or still have to deal due to COVID.

  • Technology To the Rescue

While there was grim downside of COVID, technology did bring some respite to the students in the form of virtual classroom learning. Schools are already using Software like EPR to virtually manage everything from student information to school management. One of the key features of the School Management System is Learning Management System.

The best LMS for schools provides complete learning solution to the students with its features like virtual classroom, communication facility and much more. This at least allowed the schools, teachers and students to remain connected. With virtual classrooms, students could continue their studies.

The technology has helped the students at least continue with their studies from the comfort and safety of their home. LMS also allowed the schools to help students keep up with their academic life.

  • The Best LMS for Schools

Learning Management System for schools can be customized to meet the specific needs of the schools, colleges and universities. Every organization has different needs and LMS is one platform that makes learning super easy and convenient.

The LMS platform offers everything a student needs to study effectively and easily:

  • Virtual, live classrooms with other students
  • Videos of classes that students can watch again
  • All the study materials were delivered to the students
  • E-books, reports, assessment, assignments and homework – available virtually
  • Students and teachers can connect via video conferencing for doubts and assistance

These are some of the things that make learning easy for the students. The LMS for schools are designed to make learning easier and convenient.

The Bottom-line

The COVID has made life difficult for the students in many ways. But the technology has provided them with an alternative where they can continue with their studies in a mote effective way. Using the best LMS for schools, education institutions can help students learn from the comfort and safety of their homes.

EduHappy is a school management software that offers the best LMS for schools. Our LMS system is designed to make it easy for schools to provide everything needed for students to continue learning with features like virtual classrooms.

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