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Students Grouping

Students grouping is a classification for the students within a certain course. You can create groups under a specific course and assign students to these groups.

Students Grouping

This flexibility is given by the system to ensure that if maximum capacity has been reached in a certain course, especially the elective course, the students can still be distributed into more than one group and in this case, you can assign different teacher for each group under the same course. For example, if 40 students opted for the same elective course and if the school rules are not to assign the teacher to more than 20 students in a course then you can create two groups under that course and assign 20 students in each group hence you can assign a teacher to each group.

You create the groups by specifying the school, the grade and the course under which you are creating the group name.

Once the group is created, you can add students to that group. You just need to select the course group and start adding the students who belong to that group.

When the groups are created, they will be available for the admin to assign to teachers as part of the teachers class authorities.

If the teacher is assigned a specific group, only the students under this group will be displayed to that teacher to take attendance, give assignments, grade assignments, and so on.

Whenever the students who belong to a certain group login to the student portal, they will only receive assignments related to this group and their attendance will be reported as taken to this group and even their schedule will reflect the schedule of this group only.

With the students grouping feature, EduHappy is providing more flexibility to allow for further classification to the students under specific course.