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How Student Management System Can Simplify the Admission Process

Admission is one of the most important part of school management. It is also the most hectic one due to the vast information. Overcome this issue and make your school management easier with a student management system like EduHappy.

Due to COVID-19, the admission process in schools have become even more challenging. Parents are unwilling to send their kids to schools unless the situation comes fully under control. To facilitate admission without risking safety, the software like the SMS or School Management System. It is a highly efficient student information system that can help make the admission process easier.

Schools can use SMS for simplifying the admission process to save time, cost and effort. It will also help them become more efficient.

Here is how SMS can help schools:

1. Easy Data Storage

When it comes to student admission, school aspect a huge amount of data. Student information needs to be stored in proper way. Paperwork is a hectic and stressful work. Which can take a lot of time. Plus, manually managing a huge amount of data is not easy. This can affect the efficiency of the school.

Student management system helps store student information in an easy way. All the information can be stored in one place, in one platform. It can be then retrieved with a click. You can now imagine how much time it will save you. Information about each student can be stored in a very organized way. School can easily retrieve the data when needed in just few seconds. All the information like name, address, age and subjects can be seen on the screen at one time.

2. Error-free Data Storage

Admission of the students involves huge amount of data collection which means there are chances of errors. This can be avoided with an efficient SMS. The data can be filled by the students which means the information is less likely to be false. The form is designed to make form fill-up easy and error-free. It is also designed to notify the used in case they make a mistake. This is one of the reasons why schools are now using student management system. It makes admission process easier, effortless and time-efficient.

3. Easy Online Enquiry

School management system provides an easier way to enquire about the admission. Online admission enquiry ensure that parent can get in touch with the school easily. The first thing parents to is enquire about the school. Through online form, parents and students can easily enquire through the “Online Inquiry Form” from the website.

The form requires a few information like name and contact number so that the school representative can contact them. This too makes the admission process easier for the schools as well for the parents and students.

4. Send Reminder

With the help of the SMS, schools can send reminded to the students who wish to take admission. They can contact the concerned person and let them know about the process, last date and the procedure for admission. Given the current situation, admissions are being done online. This will not only help keep thing safe, it will also help new students get enrolled.

As for the classes, the school management system has the provision for online classes where the students can easily access their coursework. The coursework, assignments and activities related information are uploaded online. Students can easily access the materials online and continue learning.

SMS has helped schools and students come together so that education can continue even with the COVID challenge.

5. Sorting Is Easy

Through the information received online, schools can easily sort through the students and select the ones that have fulfilled the requirements. Every school has different admission criteria. The online forms can be easily sorted in different categories like selected, rejected and may be. This selection criteria can be customized as per the needs of the school.

Using the school management system, schools can easily choose the students for admission without any hassle. Compared to the paperwork, filtering the students through online form is easier. The software will do the job and the school management can easily see the results.

6. Online Exams

Different schools have different criteria for admission. Some schools may conduct exam to select the students. The information can easily be stored in the software and used to filter out the students who do not match the requirements. This is made possible with the help of SMS. Everything is done online and the data are stored and sorted into different categories.

School management can look at the data and decide. All the marks obtained from tests, and interviews can be seen on the software platform. All these things can help schools save time and effort.

The Bottom-line

School management system is one of the best ways to store student information and make admission easy and hassle-free. SMS can save a lot of time and cost for the schools. The biggest benefit is of course the simplification of the admission process. The SMS makes it easy and error-free. The school management can benefit from it in many ways.

EduHappy offers student management software, school management system, student information system and much more in its software. It is an easy to use software that can help schools stay organized, efficient and cost-effective. The software is designed to make digitalization of school management easier than ever.

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