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Student Information System – SIS

Student Information System – SIS

EduHappy provides Student Information System SIS as a major part of the EduHappy School Management Platform.

EduHappy SIS provides the capabilities to manage the student data such as student registration, course attendance, schedule, assignments, exams, student grading and transcripts.
EduHappy Student Information System SIS captures all the information of the students from enrollment all the way to the graduation.

Once the student is enrolled in the system, the student record will be linked to a school, a grade and a class. This way, the system can recognize the grade that the student is enrolled in and will automatically assign all the courses under that grade to that student without the need to enroll the student into individual courses one by one.

The school administration can also use the SIS to easily build the schedule which is integrated with the grade, the courses under this grade, the classes under this grade, the teacher authority matrix and the sessions under each grade. Once the schedule is built for a certain class, the student who is assigned to that class can now retrieve the schedule from student and parent portal.

Attendance tracking is also one of the important features that the student information system is providing. Once the teacher takes the attendance for a student, the attendance grade will be recorded and reflected in the student grading report.

Assignments grading and Exams grading are also reflected into the student grading report through EduHappy SIS.

The grade book and the grading reports as well as the student transcripts represent the major part of the SIS that EduHappy is providing and the system keeps the historical transcripts through the year end procedure process which is one of the critical processes that EduHappy Student Information System implements.

Student Management

Enroll students with detailed profiles. Assign the students to specific school, grade, and class. Manage student record and transfer him/her to another class or even school. Search and list the students based on specific criteria. Assign/remove students to/from course groups or elective courses. Automatically promote students to the upper grade based on your predefined passing criteria for each grade.  Bulk deploys students to the classes after promotion.

Assignment Management

Whether the classroom teacher would like to select from standard assignments or create a one of his/her own, the system is flexible to give this option to the teacher. Once the assignment created, the teacher will be able to assign dates and link the assignment to his/her students under a specific course. When the students deliver the assignments, the teacher will be able to grade the assignment easily and seamlessly with just putting the grades for all the students list that are linked this assignment. The assignment grading points will be automatically accumulated according to the assignment category weight and the overall course grade will be automatically calculated accordingly.

Assignment Category

Create as many assignments categories as you want. Each assignment category will contain the assignments that you need to grade and each assignment category will have weight to determine the ratio for graded assignments under this category.

Assignments Bank

Create the assignment once and share it with all teachers who only need to link it to their classes. The same assignments will then be graded according to the students’ response.

Assignments Submission

Students will be able to submit their assignments online and the teachers will receive these assignments, grade them, and upload them to the system.

Attendance Management

Taking attendance has never been easier. All what the teachers need is just one click on the attendance button and the system will automatically search the teacher’s schedule on what exactly the session that he/she is teaching now and in what class according to the system time and then the system intelligently will determine the students who should attend this session and displays a list of those students. Another click from the teacher will mark all the students as “present” should they are all present. That’s it. Yet, teacher will have the flexibility to change the attendance status with also one click. Missed a session? No worries, you still can get the back dated session and manage the attendance accordingly. Based on the attendance status, the system will automatically assign attendance grade for the student in each session of the course and then the attendance scores get accumulated according to the attendance weight and the contribution of the course attendance will be included into the overall course grade.

Grading System

With our system, the complicated grading processes are automated and the grading report will be automatically generated for each student hassle free and transparent to the teachers and the school administrators. You just need to define your set of parameters and attributes for the Course, Assignment Categories, Assignments, Online quizzes, Semester Exams and attendance.

All the teachers need to do afterwards is just put the grading points per student for the assignments and the semester exams. System will then calculate all the grading using the built-in complex mathematical equations and then produce the grading percentage for each course as well as the grading scale based on the scales defined by the school administration. Total Grade Percentage will be calculated based on the grading of each course and how much the contribution of that course on the overall Grade.

Grading Scales

Create Grading scales per grade and assign the scale letter to a certain range of grading percentage.

Exam Schedule

Create Exam Schedule for each course and assign date and time for each exam.

Divisions Support

If you need to divide the grade into divisions you can create divisions under that specific grade. Create a division for Science and another one for Arts…etc. You can create division and assign courses and classes to that division.

Student Grouping

Create groups under the course and add students to that group. Assign teachers to each group.

Electives Support

You can create Elective Courses as well as compulsory courses. You can add students to electives based on the students’ choices.

Semester Exam

You can create exams for each course and link them to the semesters. You can grade the semester exams accordingly.

Year End Procedures

When the school year is over, you will want to promote your students to the upper grade if they are qualified. System will provide you the capabilities to automatically promote the qualified students while the unqualified ones will remain in their current grade. Just create the final report for the students and then choose to promote students to the upper grade. System will check for each student, if the student qualifies to be promoted, system will proceed with the promotion to the next grade; otherwise student will remain in the current grade. You will be able to deploy the students into the new classes in the new grades afterwards.