November 20, 2017

Student Information System – SIS

Student Information System – SIS

EduHappy provides Student Information System SIS as a major part of the EduHappy School Management Platform.

EduHappy SIS provides the capabilities to manage the student data such as student registration, course attendance, schedule, assignments, exams, student grading and transcripts.
EduHappy Student Information System SIS captures all the information of the students from enrollment all the way to the graduation.

Once the student is enrolled in the system, the student record will be linked to a school, a grade and a class. This way, the system can recognize the grade that the student is enrolled in and will automatically assign all the courses under that grade to that student without the need to enroll the student into individual courses one by one.

The school administration can also use the SIS to easily build the schedule which is integrated with the grade, the courses under this grade, the classes under this grade, the teacher authority matrix and the sessions under each grade. Once the schedule is built for a certain class, the student who is assigned to that class can now retrieve the schedule from student and parent portal.

Attendance tracking is also one of the important features that the student information system is providing. Once the teacher takes the attendance for a student, the attendance grade will be recorded and reflected in the student grading report.

Assignments grading and Exams grading are also reflected into the student grading report through EduHappy SIS.

The grade book and the grading reports as well as the student transcripts represent the major part of the SIS that EduHappy is providing and the system keeps the historical transcripts through the year end procedure process which is one of the critical processes that EduHappy Student Information System implements.