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Student Database Portal

Student Database Portal -just get connected

Student Database Portal – Get rid of papers, heavy books, and paper based grading report and connect your students using the students portal.

Student Database Portal

Through the students portal, students now will be able to see their courses and course content. Students will be able to download e-books and check the course curriculum. They will review their lessons online, download any media files associated with the lesson and watch them online.

From Assignments section, students will check the latest assignments and download any documents linked with the assignment.

Students will respond to the online quiz. The system will automatically grade the online quizzes without human intervention.

With only one click, the students can view all the required assignments and their due dates. The students can keep track of their homework and respond on time.

From the Grading Report section, Students  can keep track of the progress  and performance with automatically generated grading reports that accumulates all the grading given for the assignments (homework, class work …etc.), the attendance, the online quizzes, the semester exams and the quarter exams.

You can check the performance per quarter, per semester, or overall.

You can view the detailed breakdown progress and grading per assignment category and attendance per session.

From Attendance section, students can check their attendance status per course and print overall attendance report.

With one click on the schedule link, you can retrieve your schedule according to your class, your courses, your assigned groups as well as the elective courses you have opted-in.

From Messaging Center, you can communicate with other students in the class or you can send and receive messages from your teachers.

Student Database Portal also provides the students with information about the school calendar and exam schedule. It also enables the students to view their profile and change passwords.