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Student Attendance Management System

Student Attendance Management System integrates with the Scheduling System to provide seamless process for taking student attendance.

Attendance Management

Student Attendance Management System has never been easier

Each course has its own attendance for every student. This is to achieve maximum accuracy for attendance and attendance grading.

The Attendance system integrates with the Schedule System. For each course, there are scheduled sessions.  The course may have a session or more per day. It may have no sessions at all in some days. Based on these scheduled sessions, the teacher will take the attendance for the students in a course. The class teacher will retrieve the session as per the schedule and mark the students as one of four attendance status: Present, Absent, Excused, or Late.

Each of these attendance statuses has its own grade and the Admin is responsible to define that grade when creating the course.

All what the teachers need is just one click on the attendance button and the system will automatically search the teacher’s schedule on what exactly the session that he/she is teaching now and in what class according to the system time. The system will intelligently determine the students who should attend this session and displays a list of those students.

The teacher will mark all the students as “present” should they are all present. That’s it.

The teacher will have the flexibility to change the attendance status with one click.

Missed a session? No worries, you still can get the back dated session and manage the attendance accordingly.

Based on the attendance status, the system will automatically assign attendance grade for the student in each session of the course. The attendance scores will accumulate according to the attendance weight.

Most importantly, the attendance system integrates with the academic year with its terms, holidays, and days-off. This means, the system will prevent taking attendance in the dates that are outside the terms or in holidays. Even the weekends are taken into consideration so the teachers cannot take attendance if the date is a weekend. This will highly reduce the human mistakes and give the confidence for the teachers while taking the attendance by making sure that mistakes are not going to happen even if they choose the wrong dates.