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Staff Management

Staff is the most valuable asset among the properties of any organization and staff management is one of the most important tasks that need to be performed by a specialist department.

Staff Management

Staff Management is part of the Human Resources department activities and included as one of the important features in the human resources system.

In staff management you can add or edit employees whether from teaching staff or admin staff and assign them to departments. Manage employee data and their basic salaries and manage employee promotions.

When adding employees to the organization, a profile for each employee needs to be created. In the profile, you can specify all the employee details like first and last names, nationality, address, gender, and photo.

For each employee, you can also fill in the important employment details that affect their payroll. These details can include payroll name, department, designation, date of joining, and initial basic salary.

You can also associate each employee with the school or group of schools that the employee is working for.

You can also edit in the employee data by selecting the existing employee from the list and manage this employee profile.

Employee promotions feature is also supported. You can promote the employee to a different designation and raise the basic salary as well as define the effective date of this promotion.

If the employee is promoted, the system will check for the latest salary based on the new basic salary defined in the promotion process and all the payroll elements will be calculated according to this new salary.

By handling the staff motivation through promotion, overtime, and many other compensation and benefits, you can recognize and deploy the working potential of your staff and guarantee the success of the organization.

With EduHappy staff management, it makes it easier on the organization to handle important tasks related to the workforce and contribute to the organization success.