March 29, 2016

School Management System

School Management System and School ERP

Online School Management System Constructs the school from scratch and adds school profile, Grades, Classes, and Courses in a systematic manner.

School Management System

You can manage multiple schools from the same organization account.

With the help of online school management system, you will be able to manage the students admission and manage teachers records.

School year can be created with specific start and end dates and handle the terms and semesters.

There are a lot of benefits involved with online school management system as this could facilitate a skillful organizational significance.

You will be able to specify national holidays and days-off.

Detailed calendar will be automatically created based on the year or grade terms with start and end dates along with the national holidays and days-off.

If you have a grade with different terms and semesters than the school year, no problem, you can construct your terms and semesters per specific grade.

You want to build division under some grades, no issue, you can build the divisions and assign courses and classes under this division.

Want to split course into groups? School Management System can also support this.

Have Elective Courses that the students can opt-in? System will provide the capabilities to handle the elective courses and assign students to them.

Create Fees Types, build Fees Structures, manage Fees Payments, and report Fees Collections by fee, by receipt, or by student.

Create Expenses Types and manage Expenses with debit and credit double-entry book in the journal automatically.

Add Vehicle and Vehicle Routes and manage Transport Fees per rout via transport management module.

Manage tuition fees, admission fees, transport fees and expenses with debit and credit double-entry system in the journal.

Build financial accounts and link them to one of the financial categories; assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue or expenses.

Manually create journal entry with debit and credit accounts using double-entry book system.

Generate financial accounting reports; chart of account, general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and income statement.