EduHappy School Management System Helps Institution in the Best Way

EduHappy is a smart school management system that assists in running schools efficiently. It comes with rich features that is technologically driven and is ideal for all parts of school management. Whether it’s the student information management, fees, staff management or payroll, School management system or SMS can do it all.

The new-age technology is helping schools become more organized, efficient and smarter. One of the key features of school information management system is that it benefits everyone from teachers to students and parents.

The Need for Smarter School Management System

The current technology driven world demands it. Whether its school, government or personal life, technology has become an important part. It is therefore expected from institutions like schools to stay up-to-date.

School ERP system provides a very simple and easy way to bring technology into school management. Now schools can easily communicate, manage and ensure smooth running of the schools. Paperwork is tedious, & time taking task. If schools want to attract students and their parents, a smart SMS is the need of then hour.

Schools across the glove are adopting to the new system and no school can afford to be left behind. The biggest asset of any school is the students& the new breed of students love technology, efficiency and speed more than anything else.

How SMS like EduHappy Helps Students

No doubt the students make up for a large part of the school resources & effectively managing them is important. School Management System offers a wide range of features for the students. These features are designed to make a student’s life easier & time-efficient.

Here are some of the ways that SMS helps students:

  • They get their own User ID and Password to login securely from anywhere & any device.
  • They can easily access courses, sessions, timetable, assignments, exams, fees, books availability and more.
  • Complete homework & assignments and send it from home via internet.
  • They get reminder of any pending assignment, homework or fees due to be paid
  • Get quick notification of any upcoming events via email, message or chat.
  • Get progress report on the platform itself where they can track their performance & look at the areas they are lacking in.
  • Get help from teachers who can guide them in particular subject and help them improve
  • Students can easily find their resources like notes, book and video tutorials online so that they can study from the comfort of their home.

These are some of the most important features of school management system that can make everything organized.

How It Helps the Teachers

A smart ERP like School Management System is equally helpful for the teachers. Just like the students, it also helps teacher stay efficient and organized in many ways. Here are some features of SMS for the teachers:

  • They can access information of the students where they can sort out assignments, reports, and homework.
  • They can check student reports, progress and keep track of their classroom activities.
  • They don’t have to go through the tedious paperwork as they can do it online with click of the mouse.
  • They can easily generate report with the help of the software, in just few minutes.
  • They can track progress of each student and communicate the students and their parents via various communication channels like chat, emails, SMS and more.
  • They can help students identify the areas where they need to work and communicate the same to the parents.
  • They can too track their own personal information like pay slips, taxes, attendance and more.

These are some of the features that a school management system offers to the students.

How School Managements Helps the Parents

Parents have a hard time knowing what their kids doing performance wise. Now, they can easily get organized report on student’s performance. They can easily see the assignment and homework and the due date. This will enable parents help their kids complete the assignments. With easy to understand school reports, parents can also know the strong and weak points of the student.

Effective communication is one of the key features of the school management system. This is where the parents can easily know about the assignment submission date, exam date, events and or any last-minute cancellation.

Parent can stay organized and informed about the schedules and all the activities that students have to take part in.

Lastly, How It Helps Schools

The name is School Management System and that’s exactly what it does: it helps in effective management of the school. All the information on students, teacher, staff, and everything related to school can be recorded in one place.

The school management can easily organize the information and track records without any hassle. Schools have tons of information, half of which are related to students. To see and organize information for easy reviewing, schools can now easily rely on such SMS software.
the best part of the SMS is that it can be organized as per the needs of individual schools. This makes things easy and efficient for schools.

The Bottom-line

School management System is one of the best organization tools that can help schools stay super organized & efficient. It can help everyone stay organized and connected from students to teacher and from parents to school management.

EduHappy is an efficient and state-of-the-art School Management System designed to meet your specific needs. It is a cost-effective software that provides easy solution for all your school management needs.

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