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School LMS

School LMS manages the course content and curriculum and organize the course into unites and lessons. It takes care of the whole course content such as eBooks and multimedia files as well as attachments such as documents and PDFs.

School LMS comes with a lot of features to help the schools in the online learning process and these features varies from virtual classrooms to online quizzes along with messaging and collaboration.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classroom is very important feature especially when it comes to working from home and studying from home for both teachers and students. Virtual Classrooms is supported in EduHappy for online learning and online meetings with video conferencing that allows for live interaction between the teachers and the students as they are participating in learning activities. hence, the virtual classroom allows the teachers and the students work together simultaneously even if they are home.

Scorm Online Quiz

Would you like your students to be automatically graded for an exam? You’ve got it. With our Scorm Compliant Online Quiz system, you can just upload the Scorm file, define the dates, number of attempts as well as the quiz duration and the system will take care of the rest. System will automatically extract the Scorm content and upload it. Student will be presented with the quiz on the predefined date and with the number of predefined attempts. Once the student start the attempt, the timer will count down while the student is giving the exam. Student will wither choose to finish the attempt when he/she finishes the exam or the time is over. In either case, the system will automatically score the answers and assign final grading for the attempt.  Attempts with higher score will be saved in the student records.

Upload course Content

Your authorized teachers will be provided with the tools to upload the course e-books, divide the course into unites, create lessons under each unit, and upload and manage all lesson’s files such as word documents, PDF documents, and audio or video media files. The teacher will also be able create assignment categories where you can combine all the assignments of the same type under the same category. For instance, all homework assignments under HW, all Class Assignments under Class Work category, all quizzes under Quiz Category, and so on. Each Category will be having a grade weight that contributes to the total Grading points of the course. While uploading the content, the system is providing the capabilities to create standard assignments that do not differ from class-teacher to another. The class-teacher will be then able to select from the standard assignments pool and assign them to the students and grade them accordingly.

Messaging and Collaboration

Provided to all users in the system whether school administration, classroom teachers, or students, messaging and collaboration improve the way people communicate through the system and speeds up the learning process. With Group Messaging, Administrators and Teachers can send messages to multiple students based on the selection criteria.

Responsive Design

Works on any devices whether desktop, mobile, or tablets, works with any browser, supports any operating system including Android and iOS.