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School Information Management System Software: Decoding the Myths (Part-1)!

School Information Management System

With the pandemic changing the work protocol in almost every sector, including the educational sector as well, many institutes have started opting for a reliable school information management system software. The interest shown by educational institutes in this software system is increasing day-by-day, given its positive outcomes. However, many are still skeptical and do not know whether this is something for them.

This skepticism is enhanced by all the myths surrounding the use of school management software.

Today, in this blog, we will decode all these myths and bring you the right information to help you choose the best for better school management.

Top X Myths about School Management Software

1-Myth: Management Software Brings Distractions:

Most school managers here argue that having personal software for the teachers and students would lead to unnecessary distractions and lead them away from what actually is important, which is education.

Plus, there is a chance that the students might try to find a loophole through the same. However, even with all these arguments, there is always a scope to keep things secured for the students. With several control features added to the management software, the school management team can decide what information can be accessed by the students and what is off-limits.

With reliable software, students can access the research options for the upcoming school paper. Plus, there is always an option to check what the actual fact is as opposed to believing utter nonsense spread through rumors.

Adding a student information management system to the institution ensures that each information brought in by the administrative team is passed on to the students in an efficient manner without causing any chaos. Plus, the implementation of disciplinary actions can be fast and in an effective manner.

2-Myth: Paper-Records are fine for Small Schools:

When it comes to make-do the critical aspects of any school management process, one can even be done with very basic items. However, this doesn’t translate to efficiency and reduction of labor cost. For a few years or so, the small schools can surely make-do with the paper records. However, every institute plans to grow one way or another, and the right way to do so is by reducing the time put in for administrative tasks.

Implementation of software for school management ensures that you can get the paper works compiled in one single platform without having to fear losing the precious data. This also helps reduce the overall time implemented by the team to input or extract data need for a certain administrative purpose.

Plus, the use of school management software helps save a lot of space while helping you retrieve data with a simple touch of the icon on the computer or smartphone. This ensures that the management can invest their time and energy in taking and making smart decisions.

3-Myth: High Pricing:

Another factor known to deter individuals or institutions from investing in school management software is the fact that they believe the pricing to be way too out of their budget. However, the anticipatory gain from the school management system is almost immediate and helps pay off in the future with regular use.

Although it might seem that the price of school information management system software is too high, when you take a calculative look at the cost involved and time consumed in paperwork, you would come to know that the pricing for management software is fairly generous.

Keep in mind that anything that provides you quality and ease-of-use would come at a pricing that is fair to the company as well as the users. So, purchase accordingly. Do not fall for those cheap schemes that might give you zilch in terms of features.

4-Myth: School Management Software Isn’t Safe:

Another issue that pops up every now and then with school management is the statement that management software isn’t safe for data storage due to breach possibility. Sure, we are aware of everything that happens over the online platform and how it could be hacked in by perpetrators and cybercriminals while introducing malware or viruses to the system.

However, each and every platform comes with its own set of issues. Even with the pen and paper filing system, you might find that there is a possibility of glitches or data theft that might occur. With the online platform in place, there is always a dedicated team to catch such malefactors and nip the possibility in the bud before they can breach into the software and get access to your data.

The best thing about school management software is the fact that it is continually upgraded to ensure you get access to only the best and the latest.


While these are some of the popularly known myths related to the school information management system software, there are many others that we will discuss in our next blog. To know more about such myths, keep checking our blog posts, and we will shortly update you with a stream of information.

And while you are here learning about the myths, we hope you would keep an open mind and try out the school management software by EduHappy for a streamlined administration and information dispatch. To know more, give us a quick call at +201001519870 or mail us at info@edu-happy.com.