November 27, 2017

School ERP

EduHappy School ERP is the Enterprise Resource Planning solution that allows schools to use the system to manage the business and automate back office functions.

In EduHappy School ERP, there are many applications integrated together to represent the school management system part of EduHappy platform.

The financial system provides the school with the ability to manage students’ fees through the fees management and get all related information through the collection reports. The collection can be retrieved and filtered by student, by fee type and by receipt.

With the Financial Accounting part in the school ERP, the school can prepare the financial statements that encapsulate the organization performance over a specified period. The school accountants can create financial accounts, double-entry system, chart of accounts, general journal, general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and income statement.

School also can manage expenses through the expenses management feature part of the school ERP that EduHappy provides.When executing the expenses, the system will automatically update the records in the journal based on the updated expense amount and date and will reflect the updates in the financial accounting books without the need to manually update the financial records.

Transport Management is also available with the vehicle management, route management, and transport fee type. While adding the vehicle route, the school will need to specify the debit and credit accounts. These accounts will be used by the system to post the transport fees payments to the general journal so that it keeps proper financial accounting accuracy.

EduHappy School ERP also provides all needed features to manage the Human Resources in the school. School can manage the staff by adding new departments and employees. It can add leave types and manage employee leaves paid or unpaid annually or monthly. It can add allowance types and deduction types and apply allowances or deductions on all employees or specific employee. It can add or edit employees whether from teaching staff or admin staff and assign them to departments and manage employee data and their basic salaries and manage employee promotions.

With the School ERP system, the school can manage employees’ payroll with payroll settings for working time and overtime formulas. Run payroll will automatically calculate salaries with basic, overtime, unpaid leaves, allowances and deductions and generate payroll monthly reports.Each payroll will be associated with debit account and credit account. Therefore, whenever the payroll is generated it will post to the financial accounting books based on double-entry system booking.

EduHappy School ERP is a powerful system and represents one of the major systems in the EduHappy School Management platform.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for Schools

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an effective management tool used by organizations across the world to manage and integrate various aspects of their businesses. With this tool, companies and various organizations like schools canintegrate all their processes with a single ERP system. School EPR system offers easyresource planning to help them stay efficient and organized. The best part of ERP is that it can easily integrate every part of the school management like planning, accounting,human resources, finances and more. It is like glue that binds together the variousaspects of processes and tasks of schools and it can be accessed on one ERP system platform.

School ERP is designed to integrate various departments and their tasks into one. Thismakes it easy for the school administration to access information. From storing information to accessing it and sharing it, school ERP is an effective school managementtool. When the tedious tasks are taken care of, schools will have more time to focus onthe essentials. ERP is one of the best ways for schools to stay organized and efficient.

You can easily customize the school ERP to meet your specific needs. EduHappy brings the best solution for school ERP, designed for easy resource management. You can save time and resources and ensure that your school is running efficiently. Hundreds of schools and education institutions across the globe are now relying on school ERP system to stay productive. Our ERP software for schools are specifically designed tomeet your needs. It comes with all the necessary functionalities to automate the dailyprocesses. It is an easy to use platform that can easily integrate into your currentsystem.