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Schedule Management

Schedule Management System – integrated and automated system

Schedule Management System is an integrated and automated system that builds and manages the schedule for each class in the school.

Schedule Management

It integrates with the school record to recognize the weekends and exclude them from the weekdays.

Schedule Management System also integrates with the grade to recognize the number of sessions and the time for each session. It then displays the sessions in each class schedule under this grade.

It integrates with the course management system to recognize the courses under each grade and list them in the schedule. This enables the admin to select the course per session in each day in the weekdays.

Schedule Management System also integrates with the teacher management system to recognize the teacher per course under the grade.

It integrates with the attendance management system for the details of each session. This is to recognize the teacher who is teaching in that session in what class. Consequently recognizes what students, and what course in a specific date and time.

Once the admin built the schedule for a class, the teachers will be able retrieve the schedule from their accounts. The students who belong to that class will as well be able to retrieve their class schedule through the Student Portal.

Schedule Management System is fully automated. Just select the courses and teachers for each class within specific sessions and that’s it.

Students will be provided their timetable in their portal views and teachers will also have their schedules.

Conflict Detection System

And the best thing is: do not fear conflicts. If the teachers are busy with another course in another class in the same time you are trying to assign him/her in a certain session, system will automatically detect the conflict and will prevent you from doing mistakes.

Wonder about students’ conflict? Same, the system can intelligently handle any source of conflicts coming from students’ courses, groups, or electives freeing you from worrying about how to avoid messy schedule and helping you to properly organize your schedules in faster and more accurate manner.

If you replaced the teacher with another one, the schedule would update itself automatically with this new teacher and will assign him/her same sessions that the admin has previously assigned to old teacher.