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Importance of The intelligent Schedule Management System in the online education platform

Schedule Management System

Importance of The intelligent Schedule Management System in the online education platform

Schedule Management System is an integral part of any school management software and very important system that manages the classrooms schedule in an easy, automated, and effective way.

To build a perfect schedule, there are too many aspects you need to take care of. There are too many systems that need to be integrated together to build the smart and intelligent schedule management system.

Integration with School Management System

The schedule has to be integrated with the school management system to recognize the school weekends. Once they are recognized, the weekend days have to be excluded from the schedule leaving only the working days in the week. These days will represent the vertical column of the schedule.

Integration with the Grades under the school

You will need to build the sessions per day for each grade, which means that the schedule has to be integrated with grades under the school. Once you build the sessions per day for each grade, the schedule will recognize these sessions per grade and these sessions will represent the horizontal raw in that schedule.

Then each cell in the schedule will be the cross intersection between the session and the day and will be composed of the course that is to be conducted in that session in that day and the teacher who is assigned to give this course to this classroom.

Integration with Teacher Management System and Course Management System

To continue building the schedule, you will need to choose in each cell what is the course while the system will automatically recognize who is the teacher who is responsible to give that course in that class. That said; the schedule management system has to integrate with the teacher authority matrix in the teacher management system and integrate with the course management system.

Conflict Detection System

In addition to all the above, the schedule management system has to be intelligent enough to detect the conflicts. These conflicts are mainly coming from having the same teacher assigned to more than one session in the same time for more than one course in more than one classroom. Since that cannot happen, then the system has to be smart and catch that conflict in case you are trying to assign the same teacher to multiple sessions in the same time.

Furthermore, if you replaced the teacher with another one for the course for the same classroom, the schedule will be intelligent enough to update itself and assign the new teacher the same sessions that were previously assigned to the old teacher. No need to re-build the schedule.

Integration with Virtual Classrooms system

With the increasing demand on the virtual classrooms feature in the school management system, we believe that it is very important for the schedule to integrate with the virtual classrooms as well. This can be done through the creation of the virtual classrooms online meeting link in the schedule itself. Therefore, once the current session is due, the schedule will generate the online meeting link automatically and avail it to the students and the teachers in their schedule. Hence, the students will be able to click on that link that appears next to the current session in their schedule and go directly to the online meeting room. The teachers will also be able to click on the online meeting link from their schedule and go directly to the same room to meet their students according to the current session as per the schedule. This way, the intelligence of the smart schedule management system will save a lot of hassle on the school administration to create the online meeting link for each and every session and distribute it manually to both the students and their teachers.


In EduHappy, the school management software, all the above integrations are well taken care of. The schedule management system represents a very important part of EduHappy platform. Because we know how much efforts we can save on the school administration, the teachers, as well as the students we are providing such a smart and intelligent system that can achieve the best scheduling automation and create a hassle free classroom schedules with the minimum human intervention to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

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