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Responsive Design

EduHappy responsive design

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Responsive Design

Since the amount of mobile traffic is now increasing and may account for more than half of the internet traffic, the need for responsive design is also increasing.

Responsive design of our EduHappy system makes sure to display the content on mobile and tablet devices as well as the desktop based on screen size and orientation.

EduHappy designed to respond to the user’s interface by automatically accommodating for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

With the effective use of viewport tag and CSS media queries, the pages are optimized for a variety of devices to provide the best experience without forcing the user to scroll horizontally or to zoom out in order to see the whole page results.

From smart phones to tablets and even HDTV sets, EduHappy interface can be viewed everywhere on every device and built to respond for all the different size and display options.

Since web visitors expect a similar experience regardless of the device they are using, Eduhappy is optimized for their machines leading to the best possible user experience.

The layout is optimized for the content and is adapted to the user browsers on the fly without the need to have multiple versions or even to install a mobile application. This in turn allows for easy reading and navigation with minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling.