October 22, 2016


Pricing: After the 14-day free trial ends, you can continue to use our services when you pay the subscription fees which are only $1 per student per month for minimum 200 students only with unlimited number of Schools, unlimited number of Admins, unlimited number of Teachers, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.




Per Student/Month

Unlimited Schools

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Teachers

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth


Reduce the risk


Flexible Pricing

Subscribe monthly so that you reduce the risk to the minimum and you can cancel anytime.
You can subscribe quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


No hidden costs.

No upfront or down payments.

No setup fees.

No Hardware requirements or Hardware costs.

No Software licenses.

No credit card information required. All payments and renewal will be through your PayPal account.

No obligations. Cancel anytime.

No implementation time required. Get up and running in minutes once you register your account.

High performance.

Secured with SSL encryption.

Complete User Guide is available for help with step by step scenarios.