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5 integrated systems for online education platform

5 Integrated Systems for online education platform

Online Education Platform

5 integrated systems are needed to build a perfect online education platform.

Nowadays, educational institutes are struggling to implement online learning platforms while they have a big uncertainty for which is better, the traditional education or the online education especially in this lockdown time of pandemic COVID-19.

Despite the argument over which is better, we believe that any educational platform has to integrate five major systems into one coherent platform in order to streamline the learning process and in the same time to automate the school business processes via the school management platform.

The five major systems we mentioned above are namely the School Management System (SMS), School ERP, the Student Information System (SIS), the School Learning Management System (LMS) and the virtual classrooms for online meetings.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is mainly focusing on the course and its content while adding the instructors and learners to that course to be able to access these materials.

However, in the academic LMS, the design should be different. The course should be linked to the academic grading hence the flexibility should exist for the school administration to target specific students with these course content. In other words, when you upload the course content, it should be automatically enrolling the targeted students into that course. Therefore, when these students are accessing the content from their portal they will easily find it without the need to enroll into that course to be able to access the content materials.

In the same time, the academic LMS should be properly integrated with the Student Information System (SIS) so that all the course curriculum will be associated with the assignments, attendance, exams, and quizzes. All the grading for any gradable item will be linked to its course and the overall course grading will be reflected into the grading report.

Student Information System SIS

SIS in turn is needed to save the students’ records into a unified database and avail the information in a timely manner for both the teachers and the students. One of the most important information to track through the SIS is the student’s grading. SIS will keep track of all the graded items such as assignments, attendances, quizzes,…etc. and the grading system will calculate these grades according to the weight of its categories and then generate the grading report according to a complex and sophisticated mathematical formulas. With this automation, a huge hassle will be taken off the teachers shoulders who were in the past calculating these grades manually to generate the reports. Not only this, but also the accuracy is now by far better than the accuracy coming from the human calculations, which of course subject to many mistakes.

School Management System (SMS)

SMS is needed to build the school infrastructure in terms of the academics such as the academic year with its start and end date, the year terms with the start and end dates, the semesters that organizes the terms underneath, the school calendar and holidays, along with all other management tools for classrooms, scheduling, and teacher authorities.

School ERP

School ERP is needed to automate the school operations and day to day tasks. It manages the fees, the human resources and payroll as well as the financial accounting system. It also can manage the transportation as well as the school expenses.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms for online meetings is very important system especially when it comes to working from home and studying from home for both teachers and students. Virtual Classrooms system allows the teachers to meet their students online in a virtual room and utilize the video conference capabilities to share webcam, audio and video, presentation, white board and participate in a discussion or a poll. Hence, the virtual classroom allows the teachers and the students to work together simultaneously even if they are home.

EduHappy School Management Software has solved the equation. EduHappy is unique in the market since it provides the schools with five in one platform. It seamlessly integrates the five systems: the SMS, the SIS, the LMS, the School ERP, and the Virtual Classrooms in one enterprise solution.