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Multiple Schools Support

Through multiple schools support feature that EduHappy provides, the group of schools owners can create many schools under the same organization’s enterprise account. That means all the schools will come under the same umbrella to simulate exactly the real case scenario.

The account owner can choose to create as many schools as needed and manage all the schools from the same admin interface without the need to logout and login again.

Although under the same account, each school will have its own configurations and settings from grades to classes through finance and HR to transport and expenses. However, employees can be associated with one or more schools and teachers will be assigned to many schools if needed while Admins will be privileged to specific school or multiple schools through Admin Privileges feature.

To maintain consistency, only the account owners will be able to manage schools by creating or updating schools and will be able to grant other administrators the ability to manage all the school duties without compromising the coherence of the system or any possibility to remove or add a new school into the system beyond the account owners’ authority.

Through the school management tools, only the account owner (the super admin) will be able to create new school and update existing schools data. From the HR and Payroll system, the account owner, when adding a new employee, can associate the employee, whether Admin or Teacher, to the school or multiple schools.

If the employee is Admin, then this admin will have only the schools assigned to her/him and will have the ability to manage these schools based on other privileges granted to her/him.

If the employee is Teacher, then only the grades, classes and courses related to these schools will be available for the admin to assign to this teacher.

Multiple Schools Support feature gives EduHappy a new edge and make it one of the top notch school management software in the market.