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Top 6 must-have Integrations for School information management system

LMS for Education

LMS for Education: School Information Management System or SMS has been used by academic institutions to integrate & manage communication, academic & financial processes. This is an end-to-end encrypted software platform developed in order to automate and manage several operations of an institution, from curriculum implementation to invoicing. A school management system’s main objective is to establish a framework that maintains all data & activities in an automated and organized manner.

School management system link together and identify a multitude of procedures and facilitate the transfer of data among various types of clients & the school. Through storing & arranging school transactional details from various sources, LMS for Education prevents replication of data and guarantees data confidentiality, becoming a “single repository of proof” for all clients.

What makes SMS essential for academic institutions?

Getting a secure SMS in place helps all branches of an institution to conveniently:

  • Access student data
  • Execute instructional requirements
  • Handle Administrative & financial management activities
  • Quick data control
  • Delay-free assignments

Furthermore, parents can read more about their children’s routine, access school feedback, and interact with their educators.

What type of integrations is possible in School Management Systems?

There are multiple integrations that could suit your LMS for Education and improve your learning experience. Integrations aim to increase the efficiency of the school management structure to the fullest by incorporating everything possible. However, the sheer number of potential integrations may be challenging for certain clients of the school management system.

Here are the top 6 integrations that any school management system should have:

Office 365

A school management system should be completely merged with Office 365. By allowing Office 365, clients can sign in using Office 365’s safe and efficient Microsoft Authentication tool. Through this unified authentication mechanism, end clients can manage any Office 365 program from inside the portal with no need for multiple logins. Through this feature, the app will automatically build mailboxes, grant Office 365 licenses, and create security domains.

Moodle LMS

Moodle LMS is the world’s leading open-source LMS provider. With large numbers of installations all across the globe at all collegiate levels & in diverse education systems, Moodle is a powerful method that really should be incorporated into every school management system. This incorporation would help teachers to access current online materials and curricula available without the need to move any of these details to the LMS for Education.

Email Service Providers

School management systems can be combined with the famous email service providers that offer email updates to a wide range of stakeholders as students & parents. The integration empowers the admin to send the email to choose stakeholders.

They will also offer key professionals the ability to do the same by the introduction of the school software within. Ultimately, for designated classes of recipients, automatic emails can be established for such activities taking place in the course syllabus.


Generally, WordPress seems to be the most widely accepted content management system available today. It could be as tricky or as simple as you would like. When you integrate WordPress with the school management system, you can use, expand, and track your WordPress platform without increasing overhead production hours.

WordPress is free of cost, making it open to every organization in the country. It also provides a range of plugins that can be incredibly helpful for data management. Most notably, most institutions have a WordPress-based platform, which allows WordPress incorporation almost mandatory for good programs.

Google Suite

Google Suite incorporation lets the app link to introduce a single sign-on to Google’s cloud suite of goods. With G Suite, AdWords& Google Cloud, Google has become a piece of the fabric of how modern organizations, particularly educational institutions, work and develop.

Through this incorporation, you can conveniently sync Google, Gmail & Google Analytics sheets. You can also import resumes from File to Recruit and build candidates from resume data that you store in File or perhaps even contact candidates from Meetups. Another probability of this incorporation is that you can synchronize your Google Calendar through your SMS.

Barcode/RFID Scanning

RFID/barcode integration is among the most useful incorporations for the school management system. But what’s the RFID? RFID means for Radio Frequency Identification. The school management framework can be combined with the RFID reader hardware to automatically relay information any time an ID is used.

 An example of the type of details that this incorporation would offer would be anything as basic as the entrance and departure times for the learners’ library. Incorporating barcode technology into the module of the school management system also means that barcoded library books and resources taken by students and teachers are monitored.

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In summary, nowadays, institutions need advanced technologies that can continue to sustain them as they progress towards higher educational targets. Student management products are a great technology that needs to be incorporated into every classroom, along with its extremely helpful integrations. These state-of-the-art resources help institutions progress forward, build and sustain their instructional direction.

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