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Human Resources

Human Resources systems combine many human resources functions such as employee management, benefits administration and payroll generation.

Human Resources

In the Human Resources system you can manage the HR activities and processes electronically.

With Human Resources management you can add departments and specify the name and description for each department or you can edit existing department.

You can add employee and assign each employee to the related department and define the employee group whether Admin or Teacher. You can also specify what payroll this employee is associated with and you can fill in all the employee details such as the date of hiring and the initial basic salary.

Leave management, part of the Human Resources system, takes care of the employee leaves. Through Leave management, you can add leave type whether Paid or Unpaid leave and its period whether annually or monthly. Leave management also manages the balance of each leave type by specifying the balance applied to all employees or experience based employees and the balance in this case differs from employee to employee based on the number of years this employee is on board.

Carry-Forward balance is also supported in the leave type management where you can specify  the number of carry-forward balance to be carried forwarded to the next leave period.

Once you created the leave type you can then apply this leave on the employee whenever the leave is requested. Specify the number of leave days and the system will automatically calculate the leave balance for which this employee is entitled and will record the leave days accordingly.

Overtime management is also possible as part of the HR system where you can apply overtime hours that the employee has worked outside the working time.

Allowance and deduction management is also supported. You can add allowance or deduction types and specify if this allowance or deduction is a fixed amount or percentage (multiple) of the basic or you can choose to specify the amount on specific employee.

Human Resources system represents one of the major systems in EduHappy and add a huge value to the software in managing the School ERP.