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How it Works

Free Trial, No Risk

EduHappy offers 7-day Free trial. Once you, as a school, start the 7-day free trial and create an account, you can start working on your Live account immediately.

  1. Before or after the 7-day trial period expires, you, as the account owner, will need to subscribe and pay for the subscription fees based on the number of students in your school or multiple of schools and periodically renew the subscription.
  2. School Administration will structure the system based on the school exact processes.
  3. School Administration will build the authority matrices for the teachers. That means granting authorities to the teachers to start their day to day activities.
  4. School Administration will build the schedules for all classes.
  5. School Administration will manage the tuition fees, admission fees, bus and transport fees, etc.
  6. School Administration will manage payments and collections.
  7. School Administration will create the expenses types and manage expenses.
  8. School Administration will manage the financial accounting and generate all important financial reports.
  9. Content Teachers will start uploading the courses content according to their authorities that the admin has assigned.
  10. Classroom teachers will operate the day to day activities related to their students in the assigned classes and courses. Activities include managing assignments, grading assignments, and taking attendance.
  11. Students will be able to periodically check their areas in the portal, respond to the assignments, check their schedule, sit of for online quizzes, print grading reports, communicate with others, download course content such as eBooks, lessons and assignments and many more.
  12. That’s it. We will take care of the rest. No worries about system security, maintenance, periodic data backup, availability of the system, etc. We will fix bugs on a timely manner. We will improve the system and install updates. We will manage all the technical aspects in your behalf. You just need to focus on business.