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Grading Scales

Grading Scales implements the grade bands and percentage marks associated with each letter grade.


This feature will allow the school administration to create grade bands for each grade in the school.

With grading scale, we mean the letter or the word or may be the level that is mapped to a certain range of percentage marks. For instance, a letter A+ may represent any percentage marks between 95% and 100% while letter A may represent any percentage marks between 90% and 94%. This Grading Scale, if defined, will be displayed in the grading report next to each percentage that the student achieves per course in the terms, the semester exams, total semester grade or the final course grade.

Grading Scales cannot overlap with each other.

Lowest Grading Percentage cannot be greater than the Highest Grading Percentage.

Each Grade in the school will have its own Grading Scale. For instance, Grade One will have its own Grading Scale and Grade Two will also have its own scale even if those scales are similar.

Grading Scales feature in EduHappy gives the ultimate flexibility of defining and managing the grading scales for each Grade.