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Grade System in Education

Grade System in Education automates the complex process

Grade system in education automates and streamlines the complicated offline grading processes. The grading report will be automatically generated for each student hassle free. The life is easier for the teachers and the school administrators.

Grade System in Education

You just need to define your set of parameters and attributes for the grading elements. This may include Course, Assignment Categories, Assignments, Online quizzes, Semester Exams and attendance.

All the teachers need to do afterwards is just put the grading points per student for assignments and exams. The attendance grading will also integrate with the grading system based on the student attendance status in each session. Online Quizzes will also integrates with the grading system automatically and without teachers intervention.

Each of the above mentioned grading elements will contribute to the grading system with its own predefined weight. Based on that weight, the grading system will calculate the course grade and give the accurate grading to each student.

System will calculate all the grading using the built-in complex mathematical equations.  The system then produces the grading percentage for each course as well as the grading scale based on the scales defined by the school administration.

The grading system will calculate the total Grade Percentage based on the grading of each course and how much the contribution of that course on the overall Grade.

The system will calculate the overall grade based on the accumulation of the courses grades with each course’s impact relative to the Grade Max Possible Points set earlier by the school administration.

Grading Report

Students will be able to get the full report card with course grading in details and breakdown for categories grading as well as the attendance grading. They will also be able to get a full report about the grading per terms, per semester, semester exam grade, and final grade. At the end of the report, they will get the overall grading for the whole Grade. They can check any assignment grading or any session attendance status and grading.