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Elective Course Support

Elective Course Support feature is provided when you create a course and define the course as elective. In this case the system will deal with this course as one of optional courses that may be chosen by students as opposed to the required compulsory courses which the students must take.

Elective Course Support

By just specifying that the course is elective in the course profile form the course will become elective. In this case you will need to add students to that course as opposed to the compulsory courses which are automatically added to the student once you assign the student to a certain grade.

To add the students to an elective course you just need to get the list of the students in specific grade and specific class and then select from the list the students you need to add to that elective course. Once added, the students will get these elective courses part of their curriculum and will be shown in the student portal whenever the students login to their accounts.

Similarly, you can remove the students from a certain elective course by just selecting the course and remove the students that are no more taking this course.

When you build the teacher authority matrix, the elective courses will come under the list of courses that you can assign to the teachers. However, the teacher will only see a list of students who are added to this elective course and can start taking attendance, giving assignments and grading exams for these students under this course.

Elective Course Support gives EduHappy another flexibility option to provide to the school to deal with courses that fall outside of the main core academic subject areas.