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Why Students Portal is important part of the Student information System?

Students Portal

Educational Students Portal is one of the major pillars in the Student Information System.

From Educational Students Portal, students will interact with the system to retrieve important information pertaining to their education such as the digital content and progress data. Students Portal provides many features for students to download content, check assignments, view grading reports and schedule.

The following are the most important features that Educational Students Portal should provide:

Course Content

From the students’ portal, the student should be able to view all courses online with all the course curriculum, course unites and lessons, as well as the course content such as the eBooks and all documents that are attached to the course. Students should also be able to check what is the lesson in progress based on the lesson’s timing and the start and end dates of the lessons. In addition to the lesson in progress, students also will be able to browse all the lessons that are created under each course. Each lesson will have all the content such as documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio and video and the students will be allowed to download these materials and study them on their own pace.

My Assignments

In the assignment section in the students’ portal, the students will be able to download all the assignments that are due and solve them. Once the assignments are ready, the students can submit them online for their teachers to grade them without the need to deliver these assignments in a hard copy and without the need to meet the teachers face to face to hand them the assignments. When the teachers receive the assignments from the students, they will be able to check them from the teachers’ portal and grade the assignments per student.

In addition to the normal assignments, there is also the possibility to create online quiz and submit it to the students who from their students’ portal can check these online quizzes and sit for them and solve them online. Once the students submit their answers, the system will automatically grade these quizzes and reflect the grades into the grading reports without any teacher’s intervention in the process.

Grading Report

This is one of the most important features that have to be available in the students’ portal in the online education platform and student information system. With the Grading Report online, the students will be, at any time, able to view their reports and recognize their progress per the course and per the terms and semesters. The grading report must be comprehensive enough to show all the details for the grading items such as the assignments, the exams, and the attendance. The grading report also has to be dynamic and reflects any updates once the updates happen. Therefore, at any point in time, the students can check their grading for all their courses and all the gradable items in full details and in a timely manner.

My Schedule

Upon the creation of the schedule per classroom, the students under this classroom will automatically have the ability to check the schedule from their portal. The schedule will display all the sessions per day and all the days per week. For each session, the course will be displayed as well as the teacher who will give the session for this course for this class.

The schedule is also integrated with the virtual classrooms system which generates a link for the online meeting room for the current session. Then the students will easily click on that link in order to meet their teachers online for the current session.

Attendance Reports

Attendance reports will show all the attendance sessions per course in order for the students to check their attendance and make sure they have their attendance properly reported.

My Teachers

From my Teachers section in the students’ portal, the students can check and know who are their teachers for each course they have in this grade.

The above are the major features that should exist in the students’ portal and there are many more that the portal can provide. From the students’ portal, the students should be able to check their profiles, communicate with each other, send messages to their teachers, check the exam schedule, and even ask for help and support.

In EduHappy, the Educational Students Portal represents one of the major pillars in the online education and learning platform that EduHappy provides because we believe that the Students Portal is very important part of any Student Information System or School Management Software.

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