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7 reasons why schools should move to cloud technologies

Educational Management System

Educational Management System: Online content delivery systems are at their most efficient these days. The effectiveness of the communication link and the platform as a whole has made it possible to have regular lectures even in the middle of a global pandemic. Owing to this, it is especially necessary to have a school information management system deployed within an institute.

A school management system will be something that is mostly integrated into the cloud, i.e., will be capable of being updated on the fly depending on user feedback and necessities.

Using cloud-based management systems for schools will help in: –

  • Proper attendance management
  • Better academic schedules
  • Online examination and monitoring capabilities
  • More frequent student-teacher communication compared to offline modes
  • Fee and expenditure management

Many more advantages of switching to a completely online-based Educational Management System can be mentioned. Even so, the educational sector’s future depends on these upgrades since we never know what can come in the way of a student’s bright future since these times of unrest are not at par with anything else before.

What will a cloud-based infrastructure get you?

It is well documented that keeping database and management systems updated throughout their course of life will help in preventing security vulnerabilities and information leakage. The problem with local hardware and hardbound-based management may lead to corruption or loss of previous files, never to be found again, though this is stating just one problem.

A cloud-based school management system will keep itself updated on the go as soon as a new patch comes in. Thus, keeping a properly functioning system without much intervention. Instead of just security benefits, these are some of the other functionalities you will receive with a cloud-based system:-

  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly:

Local hardware and documents can add to more energy consumption and pile up wastage, which in turn is harmful to the environment and high in expenditure. A cloud-based Educational Management System will have no local hardware and will reduce document pile ups, resulting in lower expenditure and more savings.

  • Frequent patches and fixes:

The database and personal information of all individuals are always safe behind a firewall in the cloud. Even so, the servers get frequently updated to leave no space for any sort of vulnerability to show up, making sure no external source can access classified data.

  • Secure and backupable:

A cloud-based school management system comes with the highest grade encrypted protection. All files within a cloud server can be backed up to local storage for emergency purposes. In case of any exposure, a backup can be used to get the server back into its previous stage before the exposure. Thus, keeping all data safe.

  • Expenditure Management:

Capital expenditure will be almost zero since the institute won’t invest in any local hardware or storage capabilities. Also, there will be an absolute minimum amount of operational expenditure as there is no maintenance, and everything will be done server-side all along.

  • Offers a range of flexibility:

Any institute will be ready to change up its pace and delivery instantaneously with the flexible timeline provided by a cloud system. The syllabus can be updated in a second, attendance can be uploaded in real-time, and all students and faculty can be notified together within the same environment.

  • Collaboration and sharing:

Multiple projects can be worked on in tandem, with other students and teachers providing real-time inputs. Teachers can do grading work and assign assignments and activities to perform on the platform itself. Self-sufficient teaching efforts will take the pressure off teachers and will keep students engaged.

  • Always be ready for any disaster:

Since these are unprecedented times, we don’t know what the future holds for us. It is better to keep preparing for the same, due to which it is our responsibility to fuel the next generation educational systems. Keeping cloud-based systems ready for any action will enable students to continue their education, and no calamity can take the chance from them.

It is evident that the cloud is the future in technology as well as education. The early adopters will overcome the initial challenges and emerge as victors, whereas the old ways will die out if the natural cycle continues.


For educational institutions to keep up with the technological pace and provide their students with quality education even in the midst of global crises should be a priority for everyone involved. The slightest delay in syllabus completion and examinations can result in years of time wasted for potential students all over the world. Thus, a cloud school information management system should be in place by the time the next crisis hits.

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