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Education Information Management System: Decoding the Myths (Part-2)!

Education Information Management System

Education Information Management System: If you did go through our previous blog, you must have loved what we brought out for you as we decoded the myths behind the use of the school information management system. As mentioned earlier, such management systems have been widely accepted by various educational institutions. However, not every institute is willing to throw in a positive light to the same.

To ensure that you aren’t among these institutes, we will help you reap the benefit of this management software. Here are some more myths related to the management system.

1-Myth: Managing the Management Software is Tough:

Well, one might like to think that the management of this school management software would be rather complicated and comes with a learning curve. This is something that has potentially deterred a lot of educational institutes in the past leading to unwanted skepticism and delayed functioning of the important school aspects.

However, the truth is far from these. While the earlier versions of the software might have been a complicated one, it sure isn’t the story today. Today, the software industry is all about UX and UI. This means, with each passing day, the software technology is becoming easier for the end-users.

With 2-3 training sessions depending on the software, your management team, parents, as well as students can use it without having to worry about the difficulty factor.

2-Myth: Hidden Costs:

Another argument prevailing in the school management system is that it comes with hidden costs. Educational institute managers and owners believe that there sure is an indirect or hidden cost involved with the Education Information Management System that would come up with the due course of time after the school has developed a dependency on the same.

Now, this myth might be partially true but not totally. There are several management systems that can make up packages later and force you to buy them for better functionality. However, a lot of management systems for schools such as EduHappy, focus on user satisfaction. Sure, they might come up with new features and add-ons, but that just something you can choose to decline.

You do not necessarily have to purchase these by pitching in additional cash. If irrelevant to your institution, you can choose to decline these features and add-ons. Plus, several features that are necessary for proper school management are added with time for free to help the existing users with streamlined management.

3-Myth: Only Needed When An Institute Goes Big:

Now, this is something a lot of institutes believe in, in order to save some extra bucks on the side. They believe that they would need Education Information Management System only when the educational institute grows big. However, this is so wrong at so many levels.

The myth that introducing the app after the school attains a certain recognition is a wrong move all along. Getting access to school management software ensures that you have your critical data segregated right from the start. There sure is a need for the data to be converted to its digital form. So, it sure is safe to start with an app that helps to streamline things right from the start.

When you implement software somewhere in the middle of your progress, it could lead to a lot of confusion and chaos. Plus, it is safer to start right from the beginning of your establishment and move along with segregation.

4-Myth: You Need a High-Quality Computer:

Now, this is just a misconception that has developed with time. Well, sure, a good computer with high-end features would be ideal to ensure a glitch-free functioning of your management system. But, this isn’t the case always.

Today, the school information management systems are designed to suit even the basic computers with normal features. School managers believe that investing in high-end computers would cause a burden on the school fund. However, it doesn’t require you to do so.

Try to find the software options that impart the maximum features for basic computers. Best of all, there are several management software that can easily be operated with the help of a Smart Phone. So, the need for a high-quality computer is surely subjective.

5-Deepens the School’s Digital Divide:

Many believe that a student information system might add to the digital divide between students. In order to access the software, students might require to use high-end gadgets, and not everyone might be able to afford the same.

However, this might not actually be true. Today, the management software is designed to fit any gadget with basic features incorporated into the same. Plus, students can always access the same via school libraries, public outlets, or computer labs.


Well, now that we are done with all the myths related to the student information management system, it’s time for you to make a decision. We hope that our decoding process of all these myths was surely successful in convincing you to get one for your school management. At the end of the day, it’s you who gets to decide what’s best for you!

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