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Division Support

Division Support feature provide flexibility to the schools to create divisions under a grade.

division support

In some cases, the school administration might want to divide the grade into division. In some education systems, you might have a division for science and another one for literature or Art. The division management system will give you the ability to create division and assign courses and classes to that division. Students in that grade and in that class will be automatically added to the division once you assign their classes to that division.

Once you specify the school and the grade, a list of courses and another list of classes will be displayed and you will be able to select the courses and the classes which will be linked to a certain division. Enter the division name and select the courses and the classes that belong to this division

The same class cannot be added to more than one division. Therefore, if you added a class to a division, this class will be showing anymore because it already belongs to another division under the same grade.

The Same course can be shared and added to more than one division. So if you add a course to a certain division, it will still be showing in another new division which means it can be added to another division.

Students who belong to a class that is added to a certain division will be added automatically to this division. If you don’t want a certain student to belong to this division, you then need to change his/her class to another one which does not belong to that division.

Division Support features adds a great value to EduHappy as school software that is unique in its nature and maximize the flexibility for school administration to simulate the real case scenarios.