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What are the Best Features of Learning Management System

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Learning Management System or LMS has become an effective tool for schools to provide an easy learning platform. Basically, it is a software that is used to plan, organize and execute learning process. It helps in providing the students with study materials, courses, lessons and all the things they need for effective learning.

It is different than classroom studies in a way that education can be provided via internet. Schools use it as a medium of delivery of all the study materials students need to learn from the comfort of their home or anywhere.

LMS has improved learning system and has made it better in so many ways. Here is everything important you need to know about it.

Why Learning Management System is Used?

LMS is an effective tool that can improve the learning process by taking care of all aspects of management from registration, course administration, reporting and tracking. It is now used for improving classroom teaching, learning methods and improving performance. It offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for schools where they can effectively communicate with the students online.

It allows schools to create, store, share and manage education materials in one place without the risk of losing it. It can be accessed from anywhere through cloud storage system.

Best Features of Leaning Management System

  1. Content Creation & Storage

Learning management system allows you to create courses or store content like videos, audios and text in one place. Schools can efficiently store the data in an organized form so that it can used hassle-free. The courses can be accessed and distribute as per the needs without any hassle. This is an important feature given the COVID situation where schools were shut down. Students can access the leaning materials online via LMS platform. The LMS platform is fully capable of handling all types of content like videos, e-books, Power Point, and more.

  • Effectively Manage Users and Courses

Schools can use the LMS system to manage the users that is the students and various courses related to them. They can upload the courses an assign the roles and ensure that the students and teachers can easily access the information.

  • Massaging and Notification

This is again an important feature of learning management system.Any update on the course contents, events, classes, activities, assignments and homework can be made via the LMS platform. And, through automated messages and notification, students and parents can be notified of the important changes. This will help the students stay up to date with the latest development.

  • Easy Assessment

Assessment is an important part of student information management. Generating progress report is very important to evaluate the capabilities of students. Through learning management system, schools can easily make reports and analyze data. This also helps in finding the weak and strong points of each student. The students can know in which areas they are lacking and improve. The teachers can help students improve on subjects or areas that need improvement. The same goes for the parents.

  • Scheduling of Courses & Generating Timetable

The best LSM for schools allows them to prepare timetable and schedule classes. Teachers can update or upload the assessments, tasks, due takes, and information which can help the students plants their assignment as per the requirements. Since parents can see the schedules and assignments too, it will help them organize the materials and finish the project on time.

  • Facilitate Remote Learning

As in the case of COVID pandemic in 2020, learning management system can be very helpful. Student education were totally disrupted last year as schools were closed for so many months. Luckily, the technology proved to be the best medium of learning. With platforms like LMS, students could continue their education from the comfort of their homes. Schools can easily upload the study materials online from where the students can access this information and continue their learning. Now, schools are well equipped with LMS technology to face COVID-19 type of situation in the future.

How LMS helps in Improving Learning

One of the things that make LMS so great is its flexibility and ease of access. It helps student engagement by providing greater access to the various learning content. Students can easily access this information from any device. Students can access videos, eBooks, audio, images, presentation and all the study material whenever they want. They can enjoy the flexibility of learning. Easy updates and notification too help them stay up to date with the current events. In addition, students can get access to the online assignments, online quizzes, solve and deliver the assignments and quizzes online and get graded automatically and then get access to their grading reports which are updated instantaneously.

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The Bottomline

Learning Management System is a highly efficient system that can help schools stay organized and efficient. It is a part of School Management System that helps deliver all the course work and learning content to the students. It also offers easy access and learning from the online platform. Its various features allow to create an engaging learning environment.

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