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Assignment Management

Assignment Management aims at creating assignments as well as grading these assignments so that it reflects automatically in the students grading.

Assignment Management

Assignment Management differentiates between standard and non-standard assignments.

Standard Assignments

Standard Assignments are the assignments that the content teacher creates for the specific course. Only teachers with content authority can edit or delete these Assignments. In the same time, all class teachers with class authority can share the same standard assignment.  These assignments are coming with the course curriculum and teachers can assign them to all students without differentiation. The standard assignment also have the same “maximum possible points”. So when the teachers grade the assignment, students will have fair evaluation since the maximum grading is the same.

Non-standard assignments

On the other hand, the system provides another type of assignments called non-standard assignments. Only the class teacher who created them can access them. This is to allow teachers to create their own assignments and make their own evaluation on specific aspects. These aspects might not be fully covered by the standard assignments. The non-standard assignments have their own grading points based on the judgment of each teacher who creates the assignments.  This teacher is the only one who can edit or delete these assignments.”

Whether the classroom teacher would like to select from standard assignments or create a one of his/her own, the system is flexible to give this option to the teacher.

Once the assignment created, the teacher will be able to assign dates and link the assignment to his/her students under a specific course.

When the students deliver the assignments, the teacher will be able to grade the assignment easily and seamlessly with just putting the grades for all the students who delivered the assignments.

The assignment grading points will be automatically accumulated according to the assignment category weight and the overall course grade will be automatically calculated accordingly.