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Admin Privileges and Authority

Admin Privileges feature provides the account owners (Super Admins) with the tools to manage the level of authorities that other admins will have in the system. Based on the admin privileges, the admin will be granted some authorities to manage the whole or part of the system features.

Admin Privileges

First, the super admin or the account owner will have to add admins in the system by adding new employees under the Amin group.

Once the admins are created, the owner can start granting them privileges according to the available features that the system provides.

Via Admin Privileges feature, the account owner will choose the admin and select or deselect from the list of the features that are available in the system. So for instance, the owner can grant access for an admin to the Human Resources system by selecting the human resources privilege from the list. Similarly, if the owner wants to restrict access to the financial accounting from the same admin then the owner will only need to uncheck or deselect the Financial Accounting privilege from the list.

Creating or updating and managing schools are not one of the privileges to be granted to any admins except for the account owner. This ensures consistency in the system since creating, updating or deleting a school cannot be done beyond the account owners’ authority.

All the subscription activities are only coming under the authority of the account owner. Other admins cannot cancel or renew the subscriptions. They also cannot view the subscription details. Even the account owner cannot grant such a privilege to any other admins.

With Admin Privileges feature in EduHappy platform, the highest level of security is achieved in the most appropriate and straightforward way for the account owners to protect the system and ensure that the authority is granted to the right users.