Fed up of traditional way of finding the right, qualified private teachers for your child to support them in the academic learning journey? and even if you find that teacher, you still need to wait until the group is ready?

Don’t have time to go into streets full of traffic jam to reach the teacher’s home and leave your child then stay hours waiting for them to finish then waste another valuable time to go back home?

Are you worried about your child and want to protect them in this Covid-19 pandemic time which doesn’t seem to end soon? Social Distancing is not achievable in case of traditional private tutoring as you know.

Still paying lots of money to the teachers in addition to your valuable time – time equals money – for which you beleive you are not getting the real value out of it?

If the answer of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.

EduHappy Academy got it all. Qualified selective teachers from top international schools. The state-of-art platform for your children to meet their teachers – The virtual classrooms for online meetings – The cost effective tutoring which is far less than the traditional tutoring cost.

Online Private Teachers

We have limited seats, so you need to book now to join the group of a maximum of 10 students per subject. Each group will be assigned to a private teacher who teaches the subject online. Hurry up and reserve your child’s seat now.

Subjects per Grade

Browse subjects per grade and select the subject according to your child’s grade and school curriculum. Choose the subject and proceed to the payment. Easy checkout and payment online. The fee is as minimum as 300 EGP per subject to be renewed every 4 weeks. It covers two sessions per week, one hour per session.

Student and Parent Portals

First, sign up for a parent account so you can login to the parent portal. Once logged in, you can add your child and enroll him/her in the desired subjects. Once payment is done, your child will be enrolled in the subject and can login to the student portal.

Get your child the teachers you want online while they are comfortable at home

Once logged in, you will be able to check the schedule with the date and time for the online sessions. At the current session, you will get a link to the online meeting. This link is automatically generated. Once clicked on the link, your child will be able to join the online session and meet the subject teacher.

Not just private tutoring but also a comprehensive learning platform

Your child will benefit from many other features that the platform provides. The student portal provides the students with all that they need to empower the learning process.

You as well can track your child’s progress and attendance through the parent portal while easily managing the subscriptions and renewals using the detailed subscription system.

Attendance Tracking

There will be attendance tracking so you can make sure your child attended on time and you can retrieve the attendance report whenever you want.

Automated Schedule

EduHappy academy sends the schedule that reflects the date and time for each online session along with the teacher name, subject, and the link to the online session.

Online Assignments

If the teachers need to give your child assignments, they will send them over and your child will be able to solve the assignment and submit it back online so that the teacher can grade it.

Messaging and Collaboration

At any time, if you or your child would like to communicate with the teachers, you can send those teachers messages and they will reply directly on the platform.

Private online Teachers for your child

Your child’s private teacher at your fingertips

Subscribe to the subject and reserve your child’s seat

We have limited seats, so you need to book now to join the group. Hurry up and reserve your child’s seat now.

Once you subscribe and enroll your child in a certain subject, your child will automatically join the group with a start date that you will receive upon the subscription. Once the sessions are scheduled, we will send you the notification to login and check the schedule.

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