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Academic LMS – Year Support

Academic LMS provides Year Support feature that covers the academic school year from the start to end.

You create the academic year by specifying the year start date and the year end date for each school you have.

While creating the school year, you can determine the number of terms and create these terms associated with the academic year. For each term you specify the term name, start and end dates for each term and the start and end dates for each term vacation as well.

You have the option to cover these terms under semesters. If you create a new semester you just need to create the semester name and what terms to be covered under this semester.

For each academic year, you can also create holidays. You need to select the country and start entering the national holidays for this country for this academic year.

Via Academic LMS Year support feature you can also create days-off which are the days that are off work but not coming under holidays or weekends. You only choose a name for the days-off and select the start and end dates for these days-off. At this point you can apply the days-off on all schools or a specific grade or grades under each school.

Academic Year feature is well integrated with other features in the system such as the student attendance. So for instance, the teacher cannot take attendance to students in holiday or a day-off.

It is also integrated with the school calendar so that the school calendar is automatically generated based on the academic year start and end dates and the terms under the academic year as well as the terms vacation, holidays, and days-off dates so that the parents and the school staff can plan for their holidays and days-off activities accordingly and they can know about the terms vacation beforehand.