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About EduHappy

About EduHappy: founded in 2014 with the goal to provide best in class educational platform that can integrate all the systems that any educational institute of any size may need on one cohesive solution.

EduHappy was built to manage and serve both; the learning process as well as the school operations.

EduHappy is an educational platform which integrates five systems in one solution; School Management System, Student Information System and Learning Management System, School ERP, and Virtual Classrooms.

School Management System manages the academics such as the academic year with its start and end date, the year terms with the start and end dates, the semesters that organizes the academic year terms, along with all other management tools for classrooms, scheduling, and teacher authorities.

Student Information System enrolls the students into the schools with detailed profiles. It manages the assignments with assignments categories and assignments banks. It manages the students’ attendance and reflects all the grading and marks into the grading reports through a very sophisticated and automated grading system.

Learning Management System allows the authorized teachers to upload content and gives them the proper tools to manage the course curriculum and divide courses into unites while creating lessons under these unites and attach content to these lessons. Once the content uploaded, the teachers can share the content while the system will provide students with student portal to download the electronic content.

School ERP manages financial, fees, transport, expenses, Human Resources and Payroll.

Virtual Classrooms for online meetings is supported in EduHappy. It provides the solution for meeting anytime anywhere even in the time of the schools lockdown. With many features such as video conferencing, web cam, microphone, presentations sharing, screen sharing, multiple users whiteboard, polls, discussions, and many more, the virtual classrooms system can provide all the tools for the teachers to seamlessly interact with their students, hence providing the best learning experience as the teachers and students work together while they are home.

EduHappy provides Software as a Service (SaaS) with subscription based distribution model and the software is hosted on the cloud. The online subscription feature allows our customers to pay online through PayPal which is one of the best payment gateways in the world.

EduHappy is hosted on best cloud in the world which is Amazon AWS which provides high level of security and meet the data severity challenges.

EduHappy is managed at the highest levels by innovators and industry experts. They are the executives that help forge ahead with our mission to help education institutions and students succeed, and setting a clear vision for the future of EduHappy.

About EduHappy Executives

About EduHappy - Founder and CEO

Hossam Elmahdy

EduHappy Founder and CEO

EduHappy Founder and CEO, Hossam Amin Elmahdy, is coming with more than 26 years of experience in the industry and has extensive expertise in Software, Project Management, Software Development, and Consultancy in IT business solutions.

About EduHappy team

EduHappy team is well selected based on high professionalism, performance, and solid experience in the IT field with the idea in mind that it is not just the number but the quality of our employees. In EduHappy, we are proud to have the best talented professionals who are carefully selected by our extremely gifted and selective management.